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Describe your ideal customer

What demographic is my ideal customer in? 




What social platforms do they use the most? 

What hobbies do they have? 

What impacts their buying decisions? (price, quality, sustainability, etc.)

What are other brands they like?


14). Advance Tools/Appendix


Install: AIPRM  Plugin for Chat GPT (optional, but needed for all AIPRM links)

  •  AIPRM  is a community that has turned their prompts into templates: 


Note: There are other large language models available including the new open source Hugging Chat from Hugging Face. https://huggingface.co/  (Although Chat GPT still appears to be better, Hugging Chat is connected to the Internet, which is not the case with Chat GPT 3.5)


Note: AIPRM links in this document cannot be opened without the AIPRM plugin


Using AIPRM for Ideation


AIPRM – Startup Idea Generator (Based on your skills)



AIPRM Brand Creator



AIPRM – Pain Points of Audiences | Target Groups

Explore the pain points for different demographics – create a solution for that pain point



Using AIPRM for Business Names


Using AIPRM for Taglines


Additional Tools for Logos

Using AIPRM for Buyer Persona

  • Create a persona for the “typical” buyer for your product or service


Using AIPRM for Social Media and Advertising

  • 1 Click weekly Content scheduler | 10 social media platforms


  • 30 Social Media Posts w/ image suggestions

Format: [company name} is a [give a clear description of the type of company you are]


  • Create Professional Advertising Campaign

Basic Advertising Campaign strategy based on product or service