Student Internships

Catapult™ Program

Get mentor support from from subject matter expert for your unique startup.

Connecting Startups with Student Talent

Program Overview

Our one-of-a-kind Catapult™ program offers startups access to specialty teams of students and volunteers that address the targeted needs of the startups under the guidance of industry experts. The projects are structured as micro-internships for students and generally run 6-8 weeks in length.

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Expert Guidance for Student Teams

Mentorship and Startup Support

A subject-matter expert acts as a mentor for a group of 2-5 students who consult for a startup.

The startup is generally in need of support in that area.

The Catapult™ team provides them with a set deliverable in a short time that helps the startups get into incubators/accelerators, get funding, acquire clients, etc.