Learn Sales Skills


Sales skills are vital to startups. Without them, early clients, investors, mentors, collaborators, and more would never have the opportunity to work with the team. Each stakeholder, effectively, must be “sold” on the idea and be willing to contribute to the effort of the startup.

Collaboration Between Key Stakeholders

Program Overview

The GrowthBook training program is a unique collaboration between the Innovation Incubator, Allan Colman, a faculty member in CBAPP, and Made for Success (MFS), a world-leading aggregator of personal development audio programs with specialties in Sales, Leadership, Communications, Personal Development.

MFS’s leading authors under license include NYT bestselling authors Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Chris Widener, Dr. Allan Colman, and hundreds more.

Combining classic and modern approaches

Sales Training for Startups

The GrowthBook program combines the wisdom of classic sales training leaders with the modern-day efficiencies of high-tech sales approaches into a sales training program focused specifically on startups and their early sales needs.

The use of one-of-a-kind audio from industry experts prepares learners for “the real world” of sales and teaches them sales skills that will carry them through their startup and well into their careers.

GrowthBook will offer individual licensing but will focus on licensing the content to entrepreneur programs at other universities as well.