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Entrepreneur Pathway for Urban Communities (EPUC)

The Entrepreneur Pathway for Urban Communities (EPUC) is a special program based upon the belief that entrepreneurship can, and should, play a role in poverty alleviation. To address this challenge, the University of Notre Dame in 2020 launched the Urban Poverty and Business Initiative (UPBI). As the 7th chapter to launch the UPBI, we facilitate a 10-month program dedicated to the alleviation of poverty in Southern California through business growth, ownership and entrepreneurship.

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EPUC LA is committed to creating opportunity, growth, and transformative success to underserved community members through:
  • Developing a collaborative ecosystem utilizing university and community resources to support the creation of both for-profit and non-profit ventures among those facing economic challenges
  • Nurturing existing small business owners by sharing sustainable practices and strategies which can lead to sustainable entities and effective poverty alleviation.
  • Embracing entrepreneurship by empowering participant through a focus on personal growth as well as business success. 
  • Implementing a framework for tracking progress through measurement and guidance to ensure continuous growth and improvement.
  • Celebrating resilience, perseverance, and achievement of each participant who transforms their challenges into opportunities for growth and success. 

UPBI Initiative Stats to Date

EPUC LA is part of a network of nine cities that aim to connect top-tier entrepreneurship programs to empowering disadvantaged communities.


What’s included in the program:

Training:  A six-week bootcamp that introduces tailored essential business tools and monthly training forums on specialty topics.

Mentoring: Seasoned local business professionals provide guidance, advice and serve as a sounding board to the emerging entrepreneurs.

One-on-One Consulting: Student consultants produce tangible deliverables for the entrepreneurs over 14 weeks including websites, bookkeeping systems, marketing materials, social media campaigns, prospecting systems, and pricing strategies.

Community Connect: We engage the business community at social networking events to support the participating entrepreneurs.

Microcredit: We employ a three-stage process in working with program participants to help prepare them for a loan from existing microcredit funds and conventional lenders.

Research and Tracking: Forty key variables are tracked for each program participant over three years, including their progress through activity steps


Want to connect with EPUC LA?

We invite partners, sponsors, and participants to join us on this EPUC transformative journey! Together, we can create a thriving ecosystem that not only champions entrepreneurial success but also contributes to a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous society. 
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