One-Page Website

Design your One-Page Website

Check your email for a link to You should have received it when your domain name was registered. The link will send you to Vzy to create an account and claim your new website. 


Your site should have been generated by Vzy automatically based upon your business name, industry, and brief description. 


Use the tools in Vzy to edit your website. The framework is all there, but you’ll need to edit the styles, add/edit content, etc. Use the menu on the left to make a variety of changes. 


Copy/paste elements of your flyer into your website and use it as inspiration to continue the “conversation” with your customer.


All material should guide people to contact you, or ideally, click on your link to your store (Red Bubble, Fiverr, etc.).


1). Be sure to include your logo and use colors that fit with your brand.

2). Include images of your product as appropriate.

3). Be sure to include a call to action (a phone, email, and/or link to your platform)

4). Your site should already be live. 

Having trouble? Contact one of the mentors for help!